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Packed with more than 130 feedbacks, it'll let you easily trigger screenshakes, haptics, animate transforms, play with sounds, cameras, particles, physics, post processing, text, shaders, time, UI, and add juice to every aspect of your game.

From the creator of the acclaimed Corgi Engine and TopDown Engine, it is the best juice and game feel framework out there, whether you're new to Unity, or an experienced developer. Clean code, good practices, optimizations, it'll likely completely change your workflow as far as gamefeel is concerned.

Extremely easy to use, MMFeedbacks are going to change the way you make your games awesome. Just create an empty game object, add the MMFeedbacks class to it, and you can start adding and tweaking individual feedbacks. With more than 130 different feedbacks to pick from, it's now super easy to create games that feel good.

This asset contains :
- 35+ demos, from minimal scenes to a complete game, showing various ways you can use Feel to add juice to your game and make it feel good
- MMFeedbacks, its core system, an intuitive way to trigger juicy effects
- Nice Vibrations, the best haptics solution for Unity out there
- MMTools, a library of helpers and tools for all situations

Install instructions : click here to learn how to install Feel in your project in just a few simple steps.

Important :
- Feel is a major upgrade to the MMFeedbacks asset - it's MMFeedbacks 2.0, making it bigger and better. Owners of MMFeedbacks can upgrade to Feel free of charge. Do not buy both of them.
- MMFeedbacks and MMTools are already included in Corgi Engine and TopDown Engine. If you own any of these, only buy Feel if you need it as a separate package.
- This asset includes Nice Vibrations as a gift. Do not buy it twice!
- Feel will work on all render pipelines, and you can absolutely import Feel in a URP or HDRP project. Just note that most demos are made using the standard RP, and they may not render correctly when opened in projects using other pipelines.

从备受赞誉的Corgi Engine和TopDown Engine的创建者那里,无论你是Unity的新手还是经验丰富的开发人员,它都是最好的果汁和游戏感觉框架。干净的代码、良好的实践、优化,就游戏感觉而言,它可能会彻底改变你的工作流程。
-Nice Vibrations,Unity的最佳触觉解决方案
-MMFeedbacks和MMTools已经包含在Corgi Engine和TopDown Engine中。如果你拥有这些,只有在你需要的时候才购买Feel作为单独的包装。

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